Recovery Jewelry for that special Someone on your list

Don’t make up an excuse to buy Recovery Jewelry for that special Someone on your list just because it’s almost Valentines Day. Take a look at our top picks for your AA and NA Recovery reminders and celebrate how far you have come and what you have been able to accomplish!


Stainless Steel Serenity Heart Necklace with 18″ Chain


Petite Serenity Prayer Chain Spinner Ring

Alcoholics Anonymous Symbol Gold or Silver Charm #13-1


Serenity Prayer Chain Spinner Ring

Stainless Steel Serenity Prayer Bangle Bracelet


Marc’s Pick of today’s Specialty Affirmation Coins

Today I stopped by to see my friend Rob at A Vision For You in Riverside, CA. He told me that he was really excited because this weekend he would be going to visit a friend that he hasn’t seen in a while. I had asked him to tell me about this person and why he felt this would be a special visit? Rob explained to me that this was one of his mentors and sponsors.

Sometimes the people in our lives are put there to help us and sometimes we are there to help them in whatever capacity we are able to and today we at A Vision For You want you to think about the people or person in your life that has made a difference. Take some time to call them and say hello. Maybe even plan to get some coffee or watch a movie. Either way spend some time with these people and remember to cherish every moment you have with them.

As as special thank you for reading this post we would like to let you know about our Special Picks of the week… Man on the Bed and Sisters in Recovery Click on the images or links to buy a great special gift today!


Recovering: Keep Pushing Even If It’s Against The Wind.


Imagine the child you used to be. The darkest moments you’ve endured. The things you missed, the things you did, and when you think there’s no way out; remind yourself that it’s the small steps, the hard steps that count. Even if it’s one day; it counts. A Vision For You Recovery can help you and your loved one’s celebrate every step of the way.

We are more than just an online recovery store, because we have been there too. If you want to learn more we are always open to share our stories with you, no one should ever take this journey to recovery alone!

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